Mitee Mite became a brand inspired by my “Little Mite”, Ava and my friend’s children. One day, as I was babysitting my friend’s children (special thank you to the Dicks and Poyner Family) and not having any idea what to do, I made up fun games to help them learn. The Time Frame Game was one of the first games that I used to help them learn about time – while we were all having fun!

David John is the author of The Adventures of Mitee Mite book and app series. The series follows the adventures of superhero Mitee Mite and her sidekick, Terry the Ticker. The five titles in the series are The Time Frame Game, The Measuring Game, The Money Game, The Shape Game, and The Time Frame Game Advanced. Complementary apps for each book are available on Google Play and iTunes.

David lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, with his wife and daughter. He enjoys spending time with his family, playing hockey, and creating new stories for The Adventures of Mitee Mite book and app series.